Red Book / Blue Book / Grey Sheet and actualized prices. via /r/numismatics

Red Book / Blue Book / Grey Sheet and actualized prices.

So I am having an issue with the prices listed in the Red Book and the Blue Book by R.S. Yeoman.

I am aware of the Grey Sheet, but given the frequency that I purchase/sell coins (less than 10 a year on either side) I cannot justify the expense of the grey sheet subscription.

I mostly purchase coins via ebay and coin shows, my local coin dealers (that I have visited) are rather unscrupulous in both price, quality and reputation. So much so that I refuse to shop locally anymore.

I have always purchased the Red Book as a price guideline, and while I realize that prices of individual coins fluctuates often, it at least has always given me more of a base line or a rough estimate, usually within 15%.

I was recently told that I was vastly over paying by using the red book, and so I purchased a bluebook, the 2016 one.

I have found the prices listed to be almost half of what actual realized auction prices are. Meaning that a coin listed in the blue book for $50 is actually realizing sales of $100 or more, not ask, but actual sale price at auction.

So which book is the better guideline, the red book or the blue book? Because the 'conventional wisdom' has failed me.

Submitted January 17, 2016 at 06:36PM by S-Plantagenet
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