Value of a 5-Swiss-Franc coin in ~1875? via /r/numismatics

Value of a 5-Swiss-Franc coin in ~1875?

Does someone know how much a "Fünfliber" would have been worth in ~1875?

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Premium ? Explain it like I’m 5. via /r/numismatics

Premium ? Explain it like I’m 5.

How do premiums work ?

I just compiled a short list of the silver content in coins and what silver is worth and made a chart of what I should buy these coins at.

I just never really had an explanation on what premiums are and what is the lowest price I should pay for a coin is period(above melt value)

Any insight is thankful

Example: Morgan Dollar weighs 26.73 Grams.

26.73 * .90 = 24.05

24.05 * .53(current price per gram) = $12.75

Every dollar coin with 90% silver is worth at least $12.75. I'm pretty positive I won't find anybody to sell me a coin this cheaply. How do I find out what the bottom line on buying these coins for ?

Submitted November 26, 2016 at 11:58AM by peaced01
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