Confused about gold and silver “depressed” prices talk and advice to buy, buy, buy… via /r/Bullion

Confused about gold and silver “depressed” prices talk and advice to buy, buy, buy…

Long time lurker, first time poster. I registered to pose this question here because I could not find the answer to this anywhere and I respect the collective knowledge of all of you in this community.

So, to my quest for enlightenment:

I have been hearing and reading a lot about the joys and benefits of stacking silver including lots of talk of how silver is priced artificially low these days due to various institutional factors and is due to rocket up in price over the next few years or so.

My question for those of you who have the wisdom of experience and perhaps inside knowledge of how things work in this area:

1) If the above is all true, why are bullion companies and dealers willing to SELL silver (and gold for that matter) at these "artificially low" prices if indeed prices are supposed to skyrocket sometime soon based on all the theories such as the gold/silver ratio and fraud leading to the eventual collapse of the COMEX etc?

It seems counterintuitive that if insiders that know the ins and outs of the PM industry for 30-40 years believe prices are unrealistically fixed downward (to maybe protect the shorts/longs for example, or whatever) then they should all be HOARDING silver and gold and not selling it at these "depressed" prices! And that leads to question 2) Shouldn't that make prices go up, not down?

Thanks in advance.

Submitted June 06, 2017 at 12:25AM by Dimroff
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