1918/7-S STANDING LIBERTY QUARTER via /r/numismatics


Selling A Rare 1918-S Standing Liberty Quarter 8/7 Starting Bid at 1000.00 and Buy it now for 1750.00 Its worth around 2200.00 and i see others selling them for around 2500.00 and up. I Have Other Bundle Of Coins for sale aswell. But for the 1918-S 8/7 Standing Liberty Quarter its not authenticated but i went to about 6 coin shops located near me to see what there thoughts on it were and they all believe its the real deal and they also told me to get it authenticated so it would be easier to sell but anyways if you look at the pictures i took of it you can see the 8/7 for sure on the third picture. It looks just like it!

IMAGE OF COIN: http://bit.ly/2ubQ8Gr

Submitted July 31, 2017 at 03:59AM by jesusvazquez1999
via reddit


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