Global Jobcoin Crowd Sale Starts on 28 OCTOBER 2017 15:00 UTC (JOIN PRESALE NOW) via /r/numismatics

Global Jobcoin Crowd Sale Starts on 28 OCTOBER 2017 15:00 UTC (JOIN PRESALE NOW)

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Found my brother’s money box… via /r/numismatics

Found my brother’s money box…

I was cleaning up the basement and i found this wooden box, that my brother has had for decades now, so i wanted to share this with people who know about coins and bills.

I don't know much about these, so if you have any kind of info or value-estimations about any of this stuff, let me know. Or if you just like to see currency from around the world, that's fine too.

All of the money is from around 1930 to present day (I've added some banknotes and coins in there along these years). Since most of the stuff shown here isn't that old and in pretty bad shape, i'm pretty sure there isn't anything too valuable.

The box contains banknotes and coins mainly from Mediterranean area, Norway, Sweden, China, Portugal, Spain, France, Estonia, Finland. Also few coins from United States and Denmark. There's also one coin from CCCP, one from West Germany and one that i don't know anything about, but the writing looks like Arabic.

The pictures in the album aren't in order (other than banknotes first, then coins), since imgur messed it up after I spent an hour organizing them in the right places. Didn't feel like doing it again.

Note: As you can probably notice, i don't speak 'Murica as my native language AND i'm not a professional photographer. I hope you still get the point and are able to see the stuff in the box. 🙂

Here's the link to album again:

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